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Audio Wave Editor

for Falcon 030 and MagiC Mac (Power PC)

The AudioTracker's wave editor for sample editing and creating of all common types of audio files (e.g. AIFF, AVR, DVSM or WAVE).

WaveMaster runs on the Falcon as an accessory together with other audio applications (e.g. in combination with Cubase audio, AudioMaster etc.). WaveMaster also runs as a GEM application that can be started from the desktop.


The flexible Wave Editor for all audio files
WaveMaster works 'quasi-non-destructive'. That means, the audio material remains on harddisk until you are happy with the edited sound in the RAM editor. Then it will be copied back to harddisk. You can select overwrite or create a new audio file with the audio export function.

With the recording functions WaveMaster turns into an easy to use harddisk recorder, that supports all of the in- and outputs (e.g. internal A/D converters, SPDIF and ADAT interface as well as the Analog 8 interface for audio playback). The audio import directly from audio CD is possible.

Wave editor functions
The wave editor is capable of editing two tracks simultaniously. Stereo files or two mono files can be loaded into the Falcon's memory. Different block functions are available, e.g. fade, normalize, digital level, cut, copy, paste, move, play reverse as well as free zoom, magnify, sample precision cutpoints and an 'undo' for all destructive functions.

The automatic zero crossing, snap, grid and tempo functions are neccessary tools for 'groove' editing.

But also for vocal editing the editor is well suited. The rhythm and timing of vocal phrases can be adjusted or vocal parts can be exchanged with better sounding takes. There will be no limit for your phantasie.

WaveMaster as an accessory
WaveMaster runs on the Falcon as an accessory together with other audio applications. In this way it is possible to edit and playback audio takes, which are part of a Cubase audio arrangement. Both programs, Cubase and WaveMaster cane use the same audio files.

Finally all details of a Cubase audio file can be edited easily and directly: remove short clicks, create fade in and fade out, delete or erase complete parts, cut, copy and paste the audio material. You can do this with a click of your mouse and with sample precision.

There is no need to edit the Cubase arrangement after the audio files are edited and processed. Cubase is automatically ready for playback. This saves time and increases the performance.

WaveMaster can be set to 'sleep mode'. In this mode the current audio file remains in the Falcon's memory where it can be edited at any time you like.

Author: Klaus Heyne
Item code: WaveMaster (110-10)
Distributor: SoundPool GmbH, Postbox 1112, D-74373, Zaberfeld
Phone: +49-7046-90215
Fax/BBS: +49-7046-90315
Last updated: August 26, 1997

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