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Sync-Box Pro

Professional SMPTE/MTC synchronizer and generator with comprehensive features for synchronization of all computer controlled MIDI systems to audio tape. With drop-out correction and TC refresher as well as MIDI Merger and MTC to SMPTE converter (like Sync-Box).

The SoundPool Sync-Box pro detects and reads all common formats (24, 25, 30 and 30d frames). The current frame rate and lock status are displayed with a LED.

  • SMPTE Input -20 dB
  • SMPTE Output -6 dB
  • Variospeed +/- approx. 10% (LTC and MTC)
  • MTC Input MTC max. Jitter +/- 4 ms as codesource
  • Powersupply min. 6 V DC, Powersupply included
SyncBox Pro
Item code: 720-01, Sync-Box Pro


The SoundPool Sync-Box converts MIDI timecode into a SMPTE/EBU signal in LTC format. In this way SMPTE controlled systems can be synchronized to the computer. For example Notator SL with Unitor can be synced to a HD recording system with MTC output (such as the SoundPool AudioTracker). Similary, SMPTE controlled mix automations, tape recorders with SMPTE synchronizers and SMPTE displays can be connected.

Item code: 710-01, Sync-Box

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