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Digital Audio PCI Mastering Card

The SoundPool PCI Mastering Card with 24 Bit SPDIF interface for PC, Mac and compatible computers.

The card features coaxial and optical SPDIF in- and outs. The input sources can be selected by software.

The interface features full 24 bit resolution (comsumer and pro mode).

Digital Audio PCI Card
The Mac, Windows 95 and NT software drivers are available and support the audio software like the sample editor software WaveLab by Steinberg. Additional drivers are under development.

Technical Details

DIGI 32 PRO - PCI Digital Audio Card

The professional version of the DIGI 32 with AES-EBU in- and outputs, additional audio out and drivers for Windows 95 and NT.

DIGI 32-8 - PCI Digital Audio Card

The eight channel version with optical ADAT interface and drivers for Windows 95 and NT.

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