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Neato CD Labeler Professional Pak

When all demo tracks are finished and the golden CDs have been burned with your CD writer, it's time to send them to record companies and radio stations. But how should they be labeled? Using a felt markerpen with hand-written titles on every single CD?

There is an economical CD labeling solution for all CD producers: You can label CDs cheaply and professionally using the Neato CD labeler kit.

The kit contains adhesive sheets with three round labels. The labels are brought into exact concentric position on the CD with a special device supplied with the kit. A CD-ROM with graphics software is also supplied for problem-free designing and printing of labels.

Labels can be printed in color or black and white using laser or inkjet printers. They are then stuck on to the CDs using the applicator. This way you can produce perfectly labelled CDs easily.

Neato Kit

Neato CD professional pak

We have all Neato Label colors and Jewel Case refills on stock!

Neato Labels are available in a broad palette of colors:

White, gold, silver gray, teal, yellow, violet, coral, dusty rose, soft green, grayish blue, reddish tan and crystal clear (transparent)

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