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Four individual MIDI-Out Ports for all Ataris

Multiple MIDI-Out capabilities are essential in modern MIDI production systems. Distributing MIDI data over multiple MIDI busses enhances MIDI timing and overall MIDI performance, as for instance during transmission of MIDI system exclusive messages. Adressing multitimbral sound generators is also simplified greatly by using multiple MIDI outs. The SoundPool MO 4 offers four individual MIDI-Out ports with 64 additional MIDI channels.

Parallel Port
The MO 4 uses the Atari's parallel port for fast and reliable MIDI transmission.

Software Drivers
All software drivers necessary for the operation of the MO 4, as for example the M.ROS driver MO_4 DRV, which enables all M.ROS programs like Cubase and Freestyle to adress the MO 4, are shipped with the unit on a diskette.

An additional driver for Acorn Risc Computers is available. Please download from TU Freiberg server.

MO 4

Atari Falcon
The MO 4 was developed to meet the requirements set by the Falcon 030 hardware. Here at last are the missing four MIDI-Out ports for Cubase Audio!

Technical details

Item code: MO 4, 280-01
Distributor: SoundPool GmbH, Postbox 1112, D-74373 Zaberfeld-Germany
Phone: +49-7046-90215
Fax/BBS: +49-7046-90315
Last updated: 18. September 1997

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