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Cubase Mixermap for KORG 168RC

On the Cubase Support Disk you'll find mixermaps for How to use the Demo Mixermap by Robert Schulze Lutum

This demo-Mixermap controls channel 16 on the Korg 168RC digital mixer, and as a special free bonus, we have thrown in for your pleasure and edification: fully automated control of the master fader, master mute, channel 16's effect 1 send plus effect 1 master volume and on/off switch. How about that?

All other channels can be controlled with the Complete 168RC Mixermap which is availible for a modest fee from SoundPool, Germany.

This mixermap will not make RTFM* unnecessary. Indeed, RTFM* remains as important as ever. You must be familiar with the 168RC´s onboard controls. What this mixermap CAN do, is control certain parameters viaMIDI, so you can perform a fully automated mixdown e.g. of an ADAT 8 track recording, if your ATARI is synced to the ADAT via timecode. It will NOT spare you RTFM*.

MIDI remote control is achieved by means of standard MIDI controllers, instead of NRPNs. Make sure that you are not sending MIDI controllers on channels 1, 5 and 6 on any other Cubase tracks.

In order for this mixermap to work, certain preparations are necessary:

The mixermap can be saved to disk as a .MIX file. We recommend exhaustive RTFM* in all questions concerning mixermaps. In fact, if you really performed thourough RTFM*, you could program your own mixermap, using ours as a reference.

In our opinion, the best way to work with the 168RC is to do the basic mix with the onboard controls, and to use MIDI remote control only for the paramters that change in the course of the mix (volume control, effect send, pan, etc.). Only rarely is it necessary to change a track´s EQ setting during mixdown, for example. We think so, at least. But if you insist, go ahead, order the Complete 168RC Mixermap. It´s your money.

*RTFM: Read The Manual!

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