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SoundPool CDRecorder 2

The comprehensive 'State of the art' recording software package for Atari Computers (TT, Falcon, Hades). Contains all programs and tools that are required for creating and reading CD-ROMs: CDRecorder Pro 2, CDRecorder Audio 2, CD-Copy, SCSI_CD.BOS and the Multisession CPX.

  • All major Yamaha and Philips compatible CD writers are supported (incl. 4 x speed)

CDRecorder 2

CDRecorder Pro 2
With CDRecorder Pro 2 you can generate all CD-ROM formats (with ISO 9660, ATARI, DOS and back-up standard) incl. Mixed Mode CD and CD-Extra as well as Audio CD-DA. High speed ISO-formatting and multisession mode with back up and archive bit management will ease your regular data back-up. With the drag and drop functions and the completely new designed user interface it is fun to create new CD-ROMs.

  • Intelligent CD format management
  • CD-ROM, Mixed-Mode, CD-Extra, Audio CD-DA
  • Generic SCSI Copy Function for HD drives and CD-ROMs
  • Automatic archive bit management
  • Detailed volume descriptor editing for CD-ROMs
CDRecorder Pro 2

CDRecorder Audio 2
Use the CDRecorder Audio 2 software to create audio CDs. The program manages audio files in AIFF, AVR and WAV format. The New masterlist editor features PQ-data editing for redbook compatible audio CDs, incuding audio playback directly from hard disk and masterlist printout. The audio CD can be played in every consumer CD player. Record Companys accept the CD as a master for replication.

  • Sub-Index freely adjustable into the music track
  • Selectable Pre-Emphasis and Copy-Protection for each track.
  • Adjustable pause time
  • Adjustable track offset in audioframes for each track
  • Media Catalogue Number
  • International Standard Recording Code for each track
  • Printout function for masterlist and coverlist
CDRecorder Audio 2

The CDRecorder package also includes an additional CD Copy program for audio CD and CD-ROM, a SCSI_CD.BOS driver to use CD writers as a CD-ROM reader and a multisession CPX to switch between the sessions of a multisession CD.
Author: Jens Fellmuth
Distributor: SoundPool GmbH, Postfach 1112, D-74373 Zaberfeld
Phone: +49-7046-90215
Fax/BBS: +49-7046-90315
Last updated: September 02, 1997

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