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AudioTracker for Falcon 030

AudioTracker was developed to meet demands set by real-life professional recording studio situations. But because Audio Tracker provides up to eight tracks (with optional individual analog outputs), it is just as well suited for the professional video post production studio, where it can be configured to play back a stereo ambience, a musical soundtrack in stereo and a narrator's voice in stereo in a six track setup.

Together with SoundPool's Analog 8 output expansion unit, AudioTracker can route each track to its own individual analog output for further processing on an analog mixing console. Audio Tracker generates and synchronizes to MIDI Time Code (MTC). Its MIDI remote control feature allows you to synchronize multiple Falcons 030 if you need more than eight tracks.


Handling Speed
Strangely, in spite of random hard disk access, many hard disk recording programs prove to be slower than tape recorders in standard studio situations. Often, before an actual recording can be made, they require you to activate a recording track, give theintended take a name, to make the actual recording and then to wait for the computer to generate wave display data before you can listen to what you just recorded. If you're recording a sensitive vocalist for example, this can be a severe drawback.

With AudioTracker however, as many tasks as possible have been automated, making it one of the fastest products on the market as far as handling speed is concerned. AudioTracker won't force you to wait for the computer to generate waveform display data before you can listen to a take. And if a take recorded with Audio Tracker has to be repeated, the system is ready for the repeat take immediately. Random access on the hard disk allows you to locate any one of ten locator positions instantaneously. Performance & Reliability AudioTracker, similar to a tape recorder, reserves physical hard disk space for each track automatically, which markedly improves disk performance and more importantly: handling speed and reliability, making Audio Tracker the ideal digital recording tool.

Editing Functions
AudioTracker's wave editor gives you extensive control over the data on the hard disk, providing fast block functions to cut, copy, paste, move, fade-in, fade-out, reverse and normalize audio data with single sample precision. The possibilities provided by AudioTracker's internal mixer are more than sufficient for most applications. All important parameters can be saved and instantly recalled. Rounding off the picture of the all in one professional quality recording device is the built-in DSP effects processor. Each audio channel can be processed with various reverb, EQ and compressor/gate algorithms without leaving the digital domain. All effects algorithms can be easily edited, making Audio Tracker a complete digital studio.

AudioTracker can convert its audio data to the AIFF format for compatibility with Steinberg's Cubase Audio Falcon. If you already own this program, you will find that Audio Tracker is the ideal complement to this software product at an unbelievably low price.

Very fast handling, 8 individual analog outputs (with Analog 8 Interface), MTC Synchronization, MIDI remote, Punch IN/OUT, Pre Rol, 10 locator pairs, songpointers, Digital mixdown, Sample rate conversion, DAT backup (with optional Digital Interface), Import and export of AIFF, AVR, DVSM and WAV audio data files, Audio Import from Audio CD via SCSI.

Recorder, Editor and Mixer
Editing of up to 4 tracks simultaneously, Block functions: Interactive Zoom Function (Magnify), Numerical Block Editing, Fade, Normalize, Level, Move, Reverse, Cut, Copy, Paste, Editing with single sample precision, Zero snap, Grid snap, Fader MIDI Control, Fadergroups, EQ, DSP-compressor/gate, six reverb algorithms, Reverb gain, Early reflections, Decay time, Delay gain.

The AudioTracker's wave editor as a stand-alone program or accessory. It can be used for sample editing of your audio files on harddisk (e.g. in combination with Cubase, AudioMaster etc...)


Author: Klaus Heyne
Item code: AudioTracker (100-16)
Item code: WaveMaster (110-11)
Distributor: SoundPool GmbH, Postbox 1112, D-74373, Zaberfeld/Germany
Phone: +49-7046-90215
Fax/BBS: +49-7046-90315
Last updated: 25. September 1997

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