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ADAT™ Digital Interface for Falcon 030

The ADAT™ digital interface connects the Falcon Production System to all devices of the ADAT™ family (e.g. digital 8-Track recorder, FX units, synthesizers, samplers and mixers).

Up to eight tracks can be recorded to HD simultaneously, where they can be edited with single sample precision. Furthermore ADAT multitrack recordings can be digitally mixed and exported via the SPDIF interface.

ADAT Interface

With the appropiate multitrack HD-recording software (e.g. AudioTracker, Cubase Audio, Logic Audio), the Falcon can transmit the audio data of it's eight individual audio channels through the ADAT interface directly to the connected ADAT recorder simultaniously.

(SoundPool Interfaces)

In digital record mode it will synchronize and lock to the input sample rate automatically. For playback the standard sample rate 48 kHz is provided to which the ADAT Recorder will lock automatically. The interface is connected to the Falcon's DSP Port. All settings are performed through the recording software.

The ADAT interface can be used together with the SPDIF and Analog 8/4 interface at the same time.

Technical details

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