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Grundig GMP 1035 CD

CD-ROM/CD-Recorder Grundig GMP 1035 CD jukebox with rapid access and fast data transfer.

Creating Cds

Software distribution on CD, produce short runs of audio CDs for promotion and demo, replication of CD-ROM, CD-I, CD-ROM XA for:

  • electronic image management system
  • databases
  • technical ducumentation
  • catalogues
  • software updates
  • document transfer
Grundig GMP 1035 CD
System characteristics
  • Basic model with magazin for 35 CDs
  • Fast SCSI-2 Interface
  • 4x speed CD writer
  • Configuration with up to two writers
  • Microcoded service routines
1035 CD magazin

1035 CD magazin

1035 CD
Item No.: Grundig GMP 1035 CD
Distributor: SoundPool GmbH, Postbox 1112, D-74373 Zaberfeld/Germany
Phone: +49-7046-90215
Fax/BBS: +49-7046-90315
Last updated: 04. September 1997

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